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About Us


eSports Media Group is a leader in the syndication of sports content to both online and off-line publications. The company differentiates itself through insightful analysis and commentary created by a grassroots network of 100+ freelance journalists. Its ever-growing inventory of sports content continues to replenish and update itself automatically without minimal upfront costs. In this scenario, eSports Media Group's content is ideal for syndication and creates a significant cost advantage in comparison to its competitors.

Competitive Edge

With a growing collection of contributing columnists world wide, we have become a leader in the syndicated sports content industry. Unlike other sports-related sites, we set ourselves apart since we do not focus on scores and teams, or player statistics. Instead, we focus on the issues and stories that gain the attention and readership of serious fans from every major sport.

In addition, eSports Media Group primarily utilizes the efficiencies of the Internet to organize, collect, and distribute content products allowing it to be first to market with the newest information in the sports arena. eSports Media Group uses an advanced web-enabled database publishing process and customized software for complete automation of Internet publishing.

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Join a growing community of sports fans

eSports Media Group is an industry leader in sports content syndication. We provide our authors with the opportunity to write about the issues, teams and players that interest them. eSports strives for cutting-edge commentary, insightful analysis and editorial content that goes beyond scores and statistics.

Voice your sports opinions to a wide audience

With a growing collection of contributing columnists world wide, writing for eSports Media Group ensures your voice will be heard across the World Wide Web. We are a quickly growing community of voices who all share one trait - a passion for sports.

Receive guidance from an award-winning veteran editorial staff

Our editorial staff drives beneath the surface to uncover the whys and hows of today's top sports stories, from amateur to professional sports. eSports Media Group is unique among its Web cousins in that its editorial staff is culled from not only seasoned professionals, but also the fans themselves. This combination provides a unique approach to sports journalism while maintaining the highest level of journalistic standards.

See your stories published -- usually within 24 hours of submission

Recognizing our readers' need for consistently fresh information, eSports Media Group utilizes the Internet's unique ability to distribute new content as it is developed. We use an advanced Web-enabled database publishing system that automates our Internet publishing. This allows our editors to edit and publish your copy shortly after you submit it, guaranteeing you exposure on the Web in Internet time.

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