Horse Racing

Horse Racing

As gambling is touted as the savior of the horse racing industry, it has also helped cause its possible demise.

The Cheltenham Festival 2009

Horse racing's principal festival is about to begin, and all race followers are ready with glass in hand to drink to their success, or drown their sorrows!

Beat the bookies - Stable form

Racehorse trainers are creatures of habit. They learn from their success and will try to repeat what worked before again. Here's how to understand trainer's trends and how to profit from them.

Triple Crown Update

With less than six weeks to go, the pressure is mounting as the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown approaches. It is time to evaluate the contenders.

Gorella retires

Her career was cut short by bone chips, but Gorella will be remembered for her sheer ability and desire to win, the likes of which have not been seen for quite some time.
Horse racing was a first page story in any newspaper. Now it's sadly buried in the back, along with the "as seen on TV" ads. Read on for one man's viewpoint on what has happened to the sport, plus a little Racing 101 for those who like to bet. 

Kentucky Derby contender rankings

With 10 weeks remaining to the first Saturday in May, it is time to separate the contenders from the pretenders for this year's Kentucky Derby.

The high price of success

The first Saturday in May each year, the chase for the Triple Crown begins at the Kentucky Derby. What gets lost in the shuffle, however, is the heavy physical toll the Derby Trail and the Triple Crown has on its participants. How difficult are the Triple Crown races? Read on to find out.

Dubai makes a long, Classic-free spring

Horse racing fans should appreciate last Saturday's Donn Handicap -- it's the last good race they'll see for a while.