High School

High School

A graduation day to remember

Graduation day is always exciting, and all through the day students and their families are overwhelmed, nervous and filled with joy. Although a joyous day for Raphael Ortiz, he also had to encompass the feelings and nervousness of an all-star game on the very same day as his graduation. With an exhilarating day ahead of him filled with thrilling moments and memories to last a life-time, Ortiz went from a graduating student to a starting all-star game quarterback in a matter of minutes. Heartfelt and filled with emotion, this is the story of an extraordinary young man and his journey of success.

Do away with one and done

Elite high school basketball players should have the same choices as their baseball counterparts when it comes to choosing college or the pros.

We all know that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players ever, but has Dwyane Wade mastered a shot that could one day make him better then Mike? A shot that could one day make him the greatest of all-time. A shot, which if worked on properly, could make you a better all-around player!

The 12th Annual Reebok Big Time Tournament, the nation's largest and most prestigious boys prep summer basketball tournament will feature more than 300 teams from around the USA, as well as Canada and Belgium. They will all be competing to be the "Champions of Summer."
Cynthia Barboza is already a household name to citizens of the volleyball world.  On Wednesday she was “introduced” to the rest of the sports world.

From Hawaii and Alaska in the West, New Hampshire and New York in the East, Florida and Texas in the South, Canada in the North and distant Australia, a full field of 304 teams has officially been accepted into Sonny Vaccaro’s 11th Annual Reebok Big Time tournament, event officials announced on Tuesday, July 5, 2005. Read on for the details.

As the team lineup for another capacity field is completed this week, event officials have begun final preparations for Sonny Vaccaro’s 11th Annual Reebok Big Time tournament, the nation’s largest and most prestigious boy’s prep summer basketball tournament. Held in Las Vegas ever since it was founded in 1995, this year’s ‘Championship of the Summer’ will be held July 22-26, featuring 304 teams from around the U.S. and Canada. Read on for the story.

Advance team registration is underway online for Sonny Vaccaro?s 11th Annual Reebok Big Time tournament, the nation?s largest and most prestigious boy?s prep summer basketball tournament in Las Vegas.

Stanford University women's volleyball recruit Cynthia Barboza of Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California, has been named the 2004 Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year. Read on for the details.

A comeback for the ages

Everyone enjoys a good "comeback" story. You know the one -- an athlete gets injured or goes through some tragedy, then comes back to be successful. The comeback of Stephanie Murray, a high school student in South Florida, is one of those stories.