For the first time in Disney Sports' history, Walt Disney World Resort will a host a race weekend designed for women. The event will include a one-mile walk, 5K run/walk and 15K run.

The 2006 Walt Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon registration officially closed with a record number of runners, and  nearly 3,000 runners registered for Goofy’s-Race-and-a-Half-Challenge.

When Soccer America magazine was gathering information to rank the top youth soccer tournaments in the country, a trend started to develop -- the same tournament kept appearing at the top of every category: Disney’s Soccer Showcase.

The Southern Pacific AAU District Championships featured 110 teams in the juniors beach competition, and 12 boys and girls teams, all from California, won their divisions. Read on for the story.
Four USA national team coaches earn top honors from the United States Olympic Committee. Read on for the story.
We've all heard about the dangers of drinking and driving, and drinking no doubt occurs on high school and college campuses across the country. Before you or a friend drink and drive, please consider this story.
The firing of Tyrone Willingham as head coach at Notre Dame may signal the end to some of the once proud traditions of the school's iconic football team.

Hope for Hockey: Ditching the Dump and Chase

Just because the NHL is on indefinite hiatus doesn't mean you can't witness exciting hockey--and at a cost that won't make your wallet wail.