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Grown in Brooklyn, transplanted to Chicago, Freddy Cohen loves writing and sports, so why not mesh the two for our mutual enjoyment. He hopes you kick back, relax and read until your heart's content. He thanks you for your interest in the articles that he has written here at eSports.

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$200 sneakers, poverty and advertising

The creative element of the advertising business, the people I worked with back when, are sharks.  Don't be fooled by the funny or interesting ads you see on TV. These people that create the ads were some of the smartest, most clever people I have met in my work life.  Here is how advertisers try to crush you psychologically.

A-Rod stays, fans pay

The New York Yankees and New York Mets signed Alex Rodriguez and Johan Santana this off-season, respectively, to huge contracts that will make each superstar rich beyond any of our wildest dreams. The reality is, the Yankees and the Mets will not make them rich - you will! Still like your team's deal?

NBA MVP? Guess again...

Those in line for the NBA MVP are eager. Stars who feel the time is theirs to shine brighter than their counterparts is near. So who will it be this year? Kobe? Garnett? LeBron? Nope! The answer lies within...

Allen Iverson - Bittersweet Philadelphia

Once "The Franchise," Allen Iverson returned to face his old 76ers team last week, now as a member of the Denver Nuggets. While Iverson came back to Philly, can he really come home?
The Chicago Cubs (and I’m sure your MLB team soon) have created, in my view, a disgusting new concept. What is it? The online auctioning of tickets, and it already has ticket prices skyrocketing. Ticket auctions are here, and your wallet should be afraid.

Clemens goes to Washington

The Rocket, fueled on what? A sure fire Hall-of-Famer before he gave his pitch before Congress, now what?

LeBron James is still a one-man gang

LeBron James got help in the form of a 'fro, Ben Wallace. But, it's too little, too late for this year I 'm afraid.
The legions of Ricky Haton fans came from England, chanting and making a ruckus, cheering on their guy versus the best fighter in the world., Floyd Mayweather.

Super Bowl, Dad & Me

My Dad gave his love of sports and the New York Giants to me. This past Sunday, we shared another Super Bowl, and a great one at that.
A possible new Dallas Cowboy television series titled, "Unlikable People Creating Horrible Karma," will have 10 very memorable characters. Who are they? Read on to find out.