Daryn Duliba

Daryn has been an avid follower of NHL hockey for nearly 30 years and his passion for the game spills into his writing. He had a brief stint as a weekly CFL/NHL columnist with a moderately successful online newspaper and continues to discuss the game he loves as a freelancer on the world wide web.

 Articles by this Author

How to win your hockey pool in 2009

Four years ago I wrote an article called “How to win your hockey pool” and it became tremendously popular. This is the 2009 edition.

The greatest 'Cinderella' run of all time

Many people have their beliefs on what was the greatest "Cinderella" run ever, but for me it was the playoff run made by the 1990-91 Minnesota North Stars.

The biggest upset of the year?

On Monday night, the Edmonton Oilers stormed back from a 2-0 third period deficit to knock off the Detroit Red Wings 4-3. This gave the Oilers a 4-2 playoff series victory over the President’s Trophy champion, Detroit Red Wings.

The greatest football game ever played

This past Sunday, for those lucky enough to have seen it, was the greatest football game ever played. What game am I talking about? Read on to find out.

Who is Eric Staal?

Five weeks into the NHL season many people are asking about a head-turning youngster in Carolina. Who is this young athlete? Read on to find out.

Observations on the "new" NHL

The NHL season is only four days old, but it is not hard to see the differences from the pre-lockout NHL.

Profile of a budding superstar

This NHL preseason, a title about a new "superstar" such as this would almost surely indicate a column about the Pittsburgh Penguins’ phenom, Sidney Crosby. Not this time.

How to Win Your Hockey Pool

I have been participating in hockey pools for about 20 years now, and along the way I have picked up and developed a few strategies that have enabled me to consistently do very well. Now, I would like to share them with you.

The other side of NHL Armageddon

After a 301-day NHL lockout, an eagerly anticipated draft lottery, a scaled-down NHL entry draft and a free agent frenzy of unprecedented proportions, we finally have an idea of what the new NHL landscape will look like. Read on to find out what it will look like.