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Jo Ann Lawery now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. When she isn't writing for eSports and other web sites, this avid hockey and baseball fan works in, where else, a casino as a "slot club ambassador."
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It should have been a celebration

It was game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between The Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins.The fact that Boston lost should have been the story. Sadly, it was not. .

Sadness and anger at Penn State

It doesn't need to be retold here, but what's happening at Penn State is worse than anything that happens on any other college campus. The tragic thing about it is that it should have been stopped sooner.

A death in Russia

Even though they no longer play in the NHL, the recent plane crash in Russia affected not only the die hard hockey fan, but the casual ones as well.

Stanley Cup fever in Boston

You know how the city of Boston feels about the Celtics, and you know all about the "Red Sox Nation." But, did you know that the Boston Bruins hockey team has quite a following as well?

What happened to sportsmanship?

Whatever happened to being a good sport? No, this isn't about discussing what is happening on the field. This is about what is happening in the stands.

Thanks for the Memories

While he played for many teams, most hockey fans know Chris Chelios as one thing – a member of the Detroit Red Wings, where he played for 10 years. Now, 25 years in the NHL, Chelios is retiring. Here's a short look back at his great career.

Chicago gets a championship

It took 49 years, but the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers and are now the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.

Another championship for Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia Phillies recently won a World Series. Could the Flyers add another sports trophy to the "City of Brotherly Love?"

Going to the Stanley Cup Finals

While the city won't get to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, the Windy City is getting another shot to host a sporting event – the 2010 the Stanley Cup Finals.

Rebirth in Montreal

They have won more Stanley Cups than any other team in the NHL. Now the Montreal Canadiens find themselves just a conference final away from going back to the Stanley Cup final. Is this a rebirth for a team that once seem to own the sport.