Timothy Walz

I am a 54-year old sports fanatic currently working as a research analyst and writer for the U.S. government in Germany. I am married and have two sons, both of whom also live and work here in Germany. I became a grandfather for the first time in July 2004, with the birth of a grandson. I was born and raised in Minnesota and am a die-hard Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves fan. My favorite sports are professional and college football, basketball, and baseball, and I am also an avid enthusiast of golf, boxing and tennis. I have lived in Germany for more than 20 years, which has given me a greater appreciation and understanding of more traditional European sports such as soccer, cycling and Formula I racing.
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Fearless NFL 2007 Super Bowl Forecast

The final chapter on the season unfolds Sunday, with all eyes watching to see if New England will accomplish the impossible – finish a perfect season – or the New York Giants will accomplish the improbable – prevent the Patriots from going down in history as probably the best NFL of all time. Read on to see which team succeeds.
The season is down to the second and third most important games of the year, and the two victors will meet for the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLII. Both games are rematches of regular season contests. Read on to see if the results are the same.
The playoffs heat up this weekend with the four teams coming off byes hosting teams riding a huge wave of momentum. The familiarity the opponents have for each other should produce some compelling action. Read on to see which teams move within one step of punching their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Fearless NFL 2007 Wild Card Weekend Forecast

The second season starts Saturday and fans are lucky that several of this weekend’s four games up for grabs. Read on to see who continues on their quest for the NFL’s ultimate prize.

Fearless NFL 2007 Week 17 Forecast

Well the schedule makers lucked out on this final weekend of the regular season. Thanks to way too many surprises to this forecaster’s system last weekend, the schedule is filled with meaningless games that will see many regulars resting. There are still a couple of real important games to fill out the playoff positions, but there is one humongous game, which will be available in every home with a TV, that has everyone’s attention. Read on to see who wins this weekend’s handful of critical contests.

Fearless NFL 2007 Week 16 Forecast

Despite no games this weekend pitting teams with winning records, the schedule makers lucked out. There are bound to be a number of favored teams that score easy wins and there are bound to be a few that suffer upsets. Read on to see who will endure that ill-timed late season defeat.

Fearless NFL 2007 Week 14 Forecast

The schedule makers are probably keeping a low profile this week, with only two games pitting teams with winning records and only a handful with playoff implications. As a result, several possible playoff teams are involved in favorable matchups against teams playing out the season, providing them an excellent opportunity to solidify their position. Read on to find out who moves significantly closer to playing in the postseason.

Fearless NFL 2007 Week 14 Forecast

The schedule makers certainly had the right idea when they spit out this weekend’s schedule, with multiple divisional and conference matchups that looked in the preseason would have a major impact on the playoff picture. Unfortunately, disappointing seasons by some teams and surprising seasons by others have left fans with only a handful of contests matching potential playoff teams. I do not expect to see much movement up or down the postseason ladder. Read on to see if any contenders hurt their position by losing games they should win.
Two struggling NFC teams desperate to hold on to their increasingly slim playoff hopes square off in the third consecutive Thursday night matchup on the NFL Network. Read on to find out which team sees those hopes vanish completely.

Fearless NFL 2007 Week 12 Forecast

The schedule makers have gone out of their way to start the last month of the season with a bang! Numerous matchups that have significant consequences for the winners and losers highlight this weekend’s action. Read on to see which teams solidify their status as “serious playoff contenders” and which teams leave the gridiron with little to no hope of seeing postseason action.