It's down to Green Bay and New York in the NFC, and New England and San Diego in the AFC for the right to go to the Super Bowl. So, who wants it more?


First, let's break down my picks from last week, before giving you an insight on my picks for this week.


Last Weekend's Games

Green Bay Packers 42

Seattle Seahawks 20


The Packers laid waste to the Seahawks after coming back from 14 down early in the game, and never looked back. QB Brett Farve played his arse off once again and continued to WOW the critics with his play.


NY Giants 21

Dallas Cowboys 17


Were the Cowboys looking past the Giants? The debate is out there, and there will be a lot more to debate why they lost during the off season from Tony Romo's trip with Jessica Simpson just days before their game, to his mental meltdown late in the game, as he imploded on a crucial drive that I say cost them the game.


Green Bay Packers vs. NY Giants (6:30 p.m. ET)

The Packer Bikini Girls (click to see photos) get to root on their team for another weekend as the Pack will face the NY Giants. A Giants team that has been full of grit and toughness since their week 17 game against the New England Patriots. Once again I'm just waiting for the "real" Eli Manning to show up, but the Giants game has been to keep Manning to a limited number of passes, and run the ball. Lambeau Field will be cold this weekend, and it will be up to the Packers defense to stop the run, and force Manning to step up and have to throw the ball. I'm expecting this to happen, as Green Bay will roll on for a trip to the Super Bowl and the warm confines of Arizona.


Winner: Packers

New England Patriots 31

Jacksonville Jaguars 20


Just as I said... A steady dose of a fresh RB in Laurence Maroney does the Patriots well, as he chugs out another 100-plus yard performance, and the Pats walk away with the victory.


San Diego Chargers 28
Indianapolis Colts 24


The Chargers got it done with backups, but they had a lot of help from the Colts who all of a sudden couldn't play defense, while some serious bad coaching decisions were made especially late in the game. When faced with fourth down and five yards, the Colts convert with a new set of downs in the end zone and decide to try and force the ball in on three tries. I understand the Chargers were keyed up on the run, but in that situation, you pick plays to spread the D, and dump or toss to a RB or FB to get you the plus yardage.


New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers (3 p.m. ET)


The Chargers have the biggest mouths in the NFL, and they are the biggest hypocrites in the NFL. This weekend they return to Foxboro where the weather plans to be unkind to the Chargers linemen who will be layered up to protect themselves from the cold. Too bad the Pats linemen will be out there with short sleeves, and bare arms exposed as one of those mental intimidation factors that you can place on this game. It also doesn't help matters that the Chargers may be without their starting QB, RB and TE.


If Billy Volek or LaDanian Tomlinson decide to play you can be sure the Pats will test their injuries to wear them down. The key to this game for the Chargers would be to play smart ball, and try to keep the Pats off the field. The Jags didn't do this and allowed the Pats to eat up valuable clock time with the run and dump passes.


The Pats are playing good ball, and the run will once again be on tap with single digit degrees in the forecast, look for the Pats to dominate on both sides of the ball.


As for the Randy Moss story outside this match up? Who cares? The timing of the story was so orchestrated that even the Moss Haters were scratching their heads.

Winner: Patriots


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