Let's break down my picks from last week, while giving you an insight on my picks for this week.

Last Saturday's Games

Seattle Seahawks 35
Washington Redskins 14

Seattle was the more balanced team as I said, and pulled off the win at home, giving them the honors to take on Green Bay at Lambeau Field this Saturday.

Green Bay
Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks (4:30 p.m. ET)

Seattle's balanced attack may have worked against an over emotional Redskins, but the Seattle Seahawks aren't facing QB Todd Collins this weekend, they are facing QB legend Brett Favre, a stadium full of cheeseheads, and a trifecta of Packer Bikini Girls (click to see photos) who have gained national attention over the past few weeks after being shown on Fox in their bikini tops during a cold weather game.

Brett has made some bad passing decisions in the three losses for the season, but one would think that he would be ready to play come Saturday, as he realizes that he is one game away from his swan song. I'm looking for Green Bay's passing attack to shutdown the Seahawks, despite the fact former coach Mike Holmgren will be trying to do his best to make Brett turn the ball over.

Winner: Packers

Jaguars 31
Pittsburgh Steelers 29

This game went exactly the way I thought it would: a smash mouth, hard hitting game to the very end, with the Jags coming out on top thanks to a surprise performance from Maurice Jones Drew, who torched the Pittsburgh defense and special teams whenever he touched the ball. QB David Garrard had a decent game, but it was the Jags defense that caused problems for QB Ben Rothlisberger, who finished the game taking six sacks and tossed three interceptions. The Jags now head to New England to face the Patriots.

Jaguars vs. New England Patriots (8:30 p.m. ET)

Last week on the radio, I mentioned that the Patriots are the most dangerous team in the AFC playoffs, and you usually don't hear that about the team that is favored to win it all, especially when most people out there feel the Jaguars are the most dangerous of the playoffs, and they would be if the Patriots weren't involved. The Patriots are coming into this came with a clean slate. No individual records to worry about, no perfect regular season to care about. Will the Jaguars come here prepared? Of course they will, and they will be playing on the same level that the majority of every other team has played since the Eagles game.

The problem is that the Patriots went down to the wire against the NY Giants in week 17, a team that had their best performance of the season and a QB that had the best game of his career in the critics' eyes. It was a game that had plenty of fodder for Bill Belichick to use, along with several other things over the past 16 weeks this teams has done wrong, and he's had two weeks to do it.

Another problem is depth… The Patriots have some key players who can come in, and never miss a beat. RB Kevin Faulk, LB Jarvis Green and TE Heath Evans. These are guys can come in and can get the job done when needed, and gives the guys they replace a needed rest for a down or two. I wouldn't be surprised to see WR Troy Brown dressed for this weekend.

The final problem is that New England has a fresh RB in Lawrence Maroney. Earlier this year, the passing attack prospered, and the team flowed with it, leaving Maroney as a virtual backup player, and spare blocker for Tom Brady, as he broke records with Randy Moss this season. Once the weather changed and playoffs were being mentioned, it was time to turn Maroney loose, and the results were positive with back to back games over 100 yards, and one hell of a confidence boost for a guy who has taken a lot of flack from fans and media this year which is undeserved. Most of the people who complain about Maroney don't even know he prospered in a two-back system while in Minnesota with Marion Barber.

For the Jags to win this game, they need to keep Brady off the field and run the ball, and to run successfully against this team you have to go to the outside, and make the old guys like Tedy Bruschi, Junior Seau and Mike Vrabel chase you down. If Fred Taylor can make the turn, it will be a long day for the Pats, unless Adalius Thomas can keep him contained.

The Jags also need to attack the Pats special teams which has had been somewhat inconsistent this past season. It's a lot to ask for, especially when this team is so stacked with talent and depth.

Winner: Patriots

Sunday's Games

NY Giants 24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

This was my toughest pick last week, and I felt Jon Gruden was a better head coach, but there were two things that troubled me. The first was the fact that the Giants had one hell of a game against the Pats, and second, it was the confidence boost they needed to get them out of the wildcard. Yet, I wasn't too keen with the fact that Gruden had been resting players since week 16. It was a move that cost Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan his divisional game against the Jaguars in 1996, and now Gruden is pleading his case that rust wasn't a factor. I beg to differ when it comes to the playoffs.

NY Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys (4:30 PM)

WR Terry Glenn will be on the field, songstress Jessica Simpson will be watching from home, and Peyton Manning will not be in a Giants uniform this Sunday since the Indianapolis Colts have their own game against the San Diego Chargers earlier in the day.

Over the past two weeks QB Eli Manning has played as if his brother had been dressing for him. In the Pats game he made good decisions, passes (despite the few he had), and did the same against the Bucs, but everyone is still wondering when is the "real " Eli Manning going to show up? Especially without TE Jeremy Shockey starting, TE fill-in Kevin Boss does well, but he's no "shock to the system" so to say.

The Giants need to run the ball to win, and keep the Cowboys offense off the field. This was the same thing they applied to the Patriots, and what a great motivating tool to have from only two weeks ago.

If the Giants can go into Dallas with the right frame of mind they could pull of the upset, but they need a great game from Eli Manning. The Cowboys may be missing their star WR Terrell Owens, but they have plenty of other weapons to get the job done. I'm looking for TE Jason Witten to have the big game, and steady doses of Marion Barber to the outside to keep the Giants line from harassing QB Tony Romo. This game has potential to be the upset of the weekend, but I don't see it happening.

Winner: Cowboys

San Diego
Chargers 17
Tennessee Titans 6

Head coach Jeff Fisher and his Tennessee Titans could have beat the mouthy Chargers, but after several late big plays, the Titans simply gave up, and the Chargers marched on to their date with the Colts in Indy. Did I mention how much I can't stand QB Phillip Rivers this season? After his crybaby performance last year, and his actions on Christmas Eve against the Broncos, this guy has dropped down on the respect level in my book.

San Diego
Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts (1PM)

WR Marvin Harrison is back, but can he be effective? Bob Sanders got a HUGE payday, but will he have signing bonus hangover? The Colts small but punishing secondary can put a hurt on the Chargers receiving core, but they tend to fizzle out late in the game, as they did against the Patriots this season. The key to this game goes back to the injury of TE Antonio Gates last week, and if he is going to be able to play. If he can't play, the Chargers go back to being one dimensional, with one receiving threat in WR Chris Chambers and RB threat in LT. I'm looking for Peyton to make the Chargers secondary look really bad, and light up the scoreboard, setting up another AFC meeting for the championship between the Colts and the Patriots.

Winner: Colts

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