Before I get into what most of you came here for, I want to touch base on all of this hatred going on against Boston outside of the New England area against our sports teams. To be honest, I haven't felt this much hatred since my school bus was stoned in the 70s during the busing era, or when the tuck rule fiasco keeps being brought up year after year by Oakland Raiders' fans when their team has yet to be above .500 in recent years.

Boston is marked city, and we have people speaking out against us week after week. Is it our fault that the Red Sox won the World Series in a sweep after coming from three down in the ALCS against a team that couldn't hit above .300 until it was way too late? Is it our fault the Pats went out and signed what possibly may be the best trifecta of starting wide receivers in the history of the NFL? One that is giving defensive coordinators sleepless nights on figuring out a way to stop this offense? Is it our fault the Celtics have finally done something right by possibly giving this generation their version of the Big Three?

After their annihilation of the Denver Nuggets, the hate against Boston was so bad, that people outside of Boston, and media, were now complaining about the Celtics running up the score.

Give me an effin' break, it's professional sports people... Get over it, and enjoy what we've got.  

Alrighty mighty...

It's that time of the season again where I assault you with my annual top 10 list of things to do during the bye week. For those who are unfamiliar with this annual event, this is something I started writing many years ago during the Patriots bye week. Some of the things are personal to me, some are not, some on the list are new, while some of them move up, and some move down, or completely off the list. So without further ado, sit back, pull up a chair, and warm up your funny bone...

10) Carmen and Camille's Video Shoot: Did I ever tell you about these two Canadian rockers who are twin sisters, blonde and extremely hot? Well, some people may get lucky enough to be in their video shoot for DVD/MTV concert footage/video this past weekend, and some of those people may have been yours truly. If you want to see these ladies and hear their music during the bye week check out their website at Carmen &, and make sure to vote for them in MTV's Battle of the Bands.

9) Seek out and Find Religion: Head to church, and confess all of those sins, and impure thoughts you've committed while attending and/or watching football games over the past 13 weeks (bye weeks count).

PS: Don't forget to confess the things you did after looking over Kim Kardashian's Playboy pictorial... You know who you are.

8) Get in Touch With Your Sensitive Side: Spend time with your wifey/girlfriend/significant other doing the things they like... renting movies, watching Lifetime or the Oxygen network. For bonus points, take a trip to the Christmas Tree Shops or Bed and Bath.

7) TIVO, TIVO, TIVO: Between the two Tivo's in my house I have run up over 70-plus hours of hard drive space like bad credit. Thanks to the recent writers' strike I will be able to clear some of my shows off.

6) Change of Scenery: Betting against the Detroit Lions this season has put you so deep in the red with the local bookies, you decide to turn rat and enlist the entire family into the Federal Witness Protection Program.

5) Be a Parent(s) to Your Child/Children: Reintroduce yourself to the kid(s) as the parent(s) they knew before week one. This way they can forget all about the terrorizing lunatic who has been screaming obscenities at the TV for the past nine weekends.

4) Git 'R Done: Run out, grab a Nextel phone, some chewin' tobacca', Coors beer, a Confederate flag, and practice your best south of the border southern drawl so you can spend the weekend as a NASCAR fan watching drivers make four left turns. Remember... It's "Chase for the Cup" time, so try not to disrespect anyone by rooting for someone who is out of the standings. If you're from Boston make sure to root for driver Carl Edwards who is ranked fifth and driving for the Roush Fenway team. A few DNF's to the top four over the next few weeks could bring a Cup Championship home to Beantown. (Well, not really. There's only one more race in the season, but still it's fun to watch once in a while.)

3) Tailgate at Home: Go to you kid(s) pee wee championship game in grease paint, armed with air horns and noisemakers. Break out the grill, cook hamburgers and hot dogs while getting a massive sugar high drinking gallons of Teenie Weenie juices, and talking about the upcoming new Spongebob TV movie "Atlantis Squarepantis".

2.5) Cash in Your Frequent Flyer Mileage: Turn in your rewards and spend time with your illegitimate children from East to West. (Note: This one may pertain to some pro football players.)

2) Cash in Your Frequent Flyer Mileage: Actress or Supermodel? Supermodel or Actress? My guess... Go back; read number 2.5 again, and do what that says.

1) Kick ASSterik: Go to Shula's 347 Grill in RI, and protest the weight of his "Shula Cut Steaks" by putting an * in every menu with a bright red Sharpie.

Shameless Self Plug: If none of the above catches your attention, then you can always go listen to the podcasts of "On the Mark Show" and/or "Krashing into the Bigfield". featuring yours truly...

"I'm such a whore."