This season is going to be tough for me...

Two years in a row I have been able to predict what the Pats will do for the season, and at the same time I've put my usual "karma" spin on the season with some results that even scare myself. But, the question is – can I do it for a third season in a row?

Well let's see

New York Jets
This season the Pats open the season in NY to take on a team that Eric Mangini is trying to mold into a carbon copy of what we have here in New England, but there are a lot of things wrong in NY. QB Chad Pennington is no way near Tom Brady, and when comes to coaches you can't compare dynasty (Bill Belichick) to fluke (Mangini). This year the Jets will have a much tougher schedule, and all eyes won't be on just the teacher vs. the student match-ups Mangini will be picked apart this season as he has the "sophomore" jinx hanging over his head. I'm looking for the Pats to sweep the Jets this season to put them into the rear view mirror early on. (2-0)

Buffalo Bills
The Bills have had a quiet off-season, and they always seem to find a way to make the Patriots' life during the season miserable, this season the Pats have way too many weapons on defense to return the favor this year. I'm looking for a sweep over the Bills this season. (4-0)

Miami Dolphins
My motto for the Dolphins every year has been "Always a bridesmaid; never a bride." But, this season the Dolphins have some weapons to take them to the playoffs, but whenever I see a team with a new coaching staff I usually like to start them out with an 8 & * season just so everyone can get acclimated to each other. If the Dolphins can retain their core defense they could cause headaches for the Pats next season, but this season I will look for them to split as usual. (5-1)

San Diego Chargers
A new coach, LT's had an easy restful preseason, and an off season spent simmering about their loss to the Patriots. I'm sure that any friends and family members of those who belong to the Chargers players and staff, and tired of hearing about how they were mistreated on their home field last year after they lost, an how much they plan on getting redemption on Sunday night in Foxboro. To be honest, at first I thought this would be a loss for the Pats, with this game being played without Rodney Harrison, and possibly Randy Moss, along with Richard Seymour (even though Jarvis Green always steps up in his absence), but the home field advantage, and hearing the name Welker pounding in my head tells me different. I'm looking for the Pats to win on Sunday night. (6-1)

Cincinnati Bengals
Number one priority in Cincinnati? Keeping their players out of jail, and on the field. If this team doesn't have to worry about who they are going to have to post bail for week after week, this shootout will lean in favor of the Bengals who will probably be the most improved team in the NFL this season. (6-2)

Cleveland Browns
Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is on the bubble in Cleveland, and the question is if he can get it done with rookie QB Brady Quinn? Not this year especially when Belichick defenses are know for making rookie QB's miserable... Ask Vince Young from last season. Look for the Pats to win this match up. (7-2)

Dallas Cowboys
It's amazing how less of a match up this seems without Bill Parcells at the helm, but once again the Pats are facing a team with a new coaching staff, and Belichick will once again exploit it. (8-2)

Washington Redskins
This team has had no continuity over the years, and has to be one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL. Look for this game to be the Pats largest margin win this season. QB Jason Campbell should be afraid... Very afraid. (9-2)

Indianapolis Colts
The Colts are coming off a Super Bowl season, but they know how close they were to watching the Pats in the Bowl again. The Pats remember allowing the Colts to comeback, and beat a gassed team last year. No excuses because this is a new season, and the Colts are a lot lighter on both sides of the ball as several key players took flight this off-season. (10-2)

Philadelphia Eagles
If Andy Reid can keep his personal issues off-field, and QB Donovan McNabb can stay healthy this team will be looking once again to get the T.O. monkey off of their back... This is my trap game pick of the season. (10-3)

Baltimore Ravens
After a trap loss the Pats will bounce back over the Ravens regardless of the addition RB Willis McGahee, and QB Steve McNair's return to the helm. (11-3)

Pittsburgh Steelers
Once again... Another team with a new coaching staff, but out of all the new coaches Mike Tomlin is the most familiar with this team when it comes to defense. I'm going to give this one to Ben, Willie and the rest of the gang. (11-4)

New York Giants
Will Eli Manning continue to be the most overrated QB in the NFL? Will Eli continue to drive fantasy football GM's to drink? Or will Eli return to the player he was the season before last? He may just get his win over the Pats this year in week 17 as this inter-conference match-up may mean nothing to the Pats if they have already clinched home field and a playoff berth. It seems the NFL schedulers may have been thinking the same thing. (11-5)

With this record the Pats will still make the playoffs, and they should also take the AFC East once again with a heavy threat from the Dolphins this season. The Pats are going to revert to the Patriots of old with their defense finishing the season within the top three spots for takeaways and sacks. However, the most impressive thing about the Pats this season will be the big improvement of the special teams play. Something that has been a thorn in the Patriots' side for the last two seasons.

As for me, and what I want to see while watching this team? Well I want to see how opposing defensive co-coordinators or going to try and shut down this high powered WR corps if it takes flight. I want to see if Donte Stallworth and Randy Moss prove to be a solid 1-2 punch on the outside, and Wes Welker can keep his legs fresh by swapping time with Jabbar Gaffney and Kelley Washington? It will also be interesting to see what will happen to that corps when Troy Brown and Chad Jackson come off the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list. If this threat proves true I'm looking to see some new heroes emerge on this team from the TE and FB positions.

Bring on the Jets!