Before I get into my say here, I know some of you are wondering...

"Who is Tony Rumble?"

Tony Rumble is Anthony David Magliaro and Anthony is a professional wrestler who passed away after a tragic heart attack in 1999. At that time, Anthony was 43 and left behind a loving wife, two daughters, three grandchildren and many friends. But their was something else Tony left behind and that was his passion, a passion that I witnessed tonight at a wrestling event that has been held in his honor for past seven years.

Since his death, the NWANE (National Wrestling Alliance New England) has had it's share of ups and downs. When Tony was running the program it prospered form the many friends he had in the wrestling world.

One of those close friends was Kevin Sullivan (The Taskmaster) who at that time was involved with WCW, and he also had many local ties to what was known as the WWF back then. These connections and his success with promoting local shows had the NWANE at top of it's game in the '90s with mainstreamers like Jimmy Snuka, The Iron Sheik, Al Snow, Jake the Snake and Harley Race to name a few.

Today, most of those connections Tony had are retired from the scene, have passed or no longer involved with federations like the WWF, which is now the WWE. Today, the NWANE is under the control of his wife Ellen, and she has passed on the name, the dream, and the responsibility of bringing the federation back to it's glory into the hands of Jason Della Gatta, who is now Jason Rumble the Boston Bad Boy and the "son" of Tony Rumble.

In my opinion, this has to be an honor and an emotional test to live up to what Tony Rumble was to wrestling in this New England area. Tonight was just another chapter in that step to making it what it was again with the addition of the TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) moniker which was the newest addition to their cause.

On this night the show opened with a ten bell salute in the honor of Tony Rumble and despite a technical moment with the National Anthem it was quickly forgotten as a fan screamed out "God Bless America" to bring justice to an awkward scene.

The first match featured a five-way tumble with wrestlers Bob Hudson, "The Black Lotus" Matt Ledge, Cameron Matthews, TNT and Jason Rumble himself. The match was for Matt Ledge's NWA X belt, and all comers looked hungry for their chance at their shot for this title. The match was fast, and most of these guys I was real surprised they were wrestlers in this day and age of bulk and muscles. For example, guys like TNT, Bob Hudson and Cam Matthews are baby faces, and don't seem to spend much time hitting the weights but they know what it takes to put on a match. I myself wanted to start a "Doogie Howser" chant every time Matthews stepped into the ring.  Everyone involved with this match took their share of bumps hitting the hardwood floor from atop the top rope or turnbuckle, but  Jason Rumble took the win with an impressive frog splash from the top turnbuckle to pin Cam Matthews.

The next match featured someone who must be the biggest guy on the NWANE's roster; a wrestler named Scott Grimez who stands at 7 feet, 280 pounds enters the ring with his manager Johnny Fabulous. Johnny Fabulous is formerly from the Chaotic Wrestling, and what most people don't know is that Johnny Fabulous is also John Cena Sr. the father of WWE superstar John Cena. Tonight he is in rare form, and sells his "heel" persona very well by getting very involved with the matches. This night Grimes and Johnny Fab enter the ring looking to find someone worthy in Saugus to step into the ring and face this guy who's face is painted green, and reminds me of the Great Kabuki. On this night they find a challenger, and it comes in the form of a homeless man...

This homeless man's name is Sidewalk Sam, and before the night began he had been wandering outside the center holding a Dunkin Donuts cup looking to make enough money to score a ticket. Sam was wearing wrestling boots, and a cardboard sign that read "Will Wrestle 4 Food." When I asked him his history with the NWANE he told me that he had been hitchhiking all over North America to get his chance before this he had spent about two and a half years with  Main Stream Wrestling in Canada before Jason Rumble found him going through a dumpster and promised him a shot to wrestle if he could ever make it to New England. Well he was now here and was hoping to make this match come true. Tonight his dream came true, and he got his shot to face the monster Scott Grimes in the squared circle in a match that ended up a handicap match as Johnny Fabulous made his presence known in and out of the ring. Reminding me of a young Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sidewalk Sam battled Grimes with all of his heart, and in the end lost the match, but gained a spot in the upcoming 20 man "Over the Top Rope Rumble".

The next match was the first tag team match of the night and featured veterans Craig Trace and Loco against a team I called in good fun "The BBBC (Bodies By Bonds Crew)" which consisted of Jimmy Jact Cash and Hoochie Playa Danny Jaxx. These guys were muscular, and right away I felt some sympathy for the team of Trace and Loco which was rightfully so as the team of Cash and Jaxx wiped the floor with their opponents drawing many jeers from the audience in attendance.

Next up was a match that had a personal connection to me since we did the movie "The Game Plan" together as NY Dukes' football players. My man, The Dynasty Beau Douglas, and his manager Bull  Montana (Tony Rumble's former tag partner) took the ring in a triple threat match against a guy I interviewed years ago Slyck Wagner Brown and Douglas' oft tag partner Todd Hanson. These guys sold well, took bumps, and delivered some of the hardest backhands and slams I had seen throughout the entire night. Wagner dominated the match and took the win pinning Beau Douglas as Johnny Fabulous returned ringside and attacked Bull Montana with a briefcase which caught Todd Hanson's attention, but as he tried to aid Montana he was attacked by the team of Jimmy Jact Cash and Hoochie Playa Danny Jaxx as several referees had to come out and break up the melee.

The next match featured 20 men in an over the top rope elimination where a wrestler would enter the ring every five minutes. The first two men to enter the ring were Jimmy Jact Cash and Hoochie Playa Danny Jaxx, who came close to having a fallout as Cash tried to tell Jaxx that their friendship was out the window since a shot at the title was on the line. Jaxx tried to shake his partners hand, but Cash slapped it away. The two began to wrestle, but quickly turned playful as they spent time commenting on each others looks, and moves on and off the ropes until the third wrestler Big Bear came to the ring a guy I had seen earlier in the night testing the ropes after the ring setup was complete. He is a large man, and if there was any duo that could combine to toss him out it should have been Cash and Jaxx, but they couldn't get the job done as Canadian Moondog entered the ring, attacking Big Bear, but his mistake was not watching his back as he was the first to be eliminated from the bout soon after Plague and Todd Hanson entered the ring. Todd Hanson quickly continued his beef with Cash and Jaxx as TNT made his way into the ring, and quickly eliminated himself by flipping over the top rope drawing boos from the crowd as he head back to the locker room shrugging his shoulders. The next wrestler crawled to the ring while dragging his legs, and flicking his forked tongue at the crowd. This wrestler named Lenn Oddity is a sick looking character, and if you want to check him out do a Google search, and watch his promos on You Tube you will be afraid... Next up to enter the fracas was Matt Ledge, The Dynasty Beau Douglas and Craig Trace. Beau and Ledge quickly went to work on Trace, and in the process Trace suffered a bloody nose before being eliminated. Cam Matthews, Paul Hudson, Sidewalk Sam entered the fray, and then came the funniest moment of the night when "The Future Legend" Luke Robinson spent more time walking to the ring then hid did in the ring as he was quickly eliminated as soon as he entered. The next contenders were Loco, Jason Rumble, Enigma (NWANE's version of Rey Mysterio), Gina Bower and the final contestant Chico Suave. The men battled till it came down to two men; Beau Douglas and Jason Rumble. Rumble won the match, and gained a new manager in the process as Johnny Fabulous took him under his wing sensing he could have gold in his stable as Rumble would now face Slyck Wagner Brown for the belt.

Next up was a quick intermission, but before the break the Rumble Family, and close friends including Bull Montana took a moment to pay their respects to the late Rumble, and praised what was being done to keep his spirit alive.

After the break came another tag team match up but this time it was for the NWANE Tag Team Title, and featured the second biggest duo of the night. The NWANE title holders were Makua and Kahoku also known as the Big Islanders, and they were big! Think Afa and Sika in their younger years, and that would make these guys this generations' Wild Samoans minus Captain Lou Albano. Tonight, their victims... I mean opponents, were the Dolla D and Eric Ego also known as the LA Studs, and tonight they were clearly mismatched, and after their abrupt loss team of LA Studs came to an ugly split as neither wanted to take blame for the pinfall.

Up next was a match I dubbed "The Zoolander Match" because these two guys were the best dressed guys of the night with elaborate snappy, outfits and robes. Gotti wannabe Antonio Thomas took on The Future Legend Luke Robinson who was still visibly upset over his quick elimination in the rumble, but tonight just wasn't his night as Antonio Thomas dominated the match and took the win which was easily forgotten as the team of Jact and Jaxx rushed the ring and worked over Thomas real good. This brought out Todd Hanson yet again, and this time he came swinging a chair and sending them to the back for the cover of safety.

Finally, it was time for the main event with the NWA Title up for grabs, and it opened with the ref coming to the ring with an express envelope under his arm. The first to the ring was Jason Rumble carrying two belts to the ring, and his new manager Johnny Fabulous who quickly entered the ring and exchanged cash for the envelope that had been under his arm. Johnny Fab, and Jason Rumble quickly looked over what seemed to be medical records, and mentioned to Rumble something about someone's back. Next to the ring was Slyck Wagner Brown, and then "Latin Fury" Luiz Ortiz; a guy who's x-ray eyes really crept me out. At the opening bell Ruble tried to talked the two into wrestling against each other, and then he would let the winner take him on for the title. The ploy almost seemed to work as he sat atop the turnbuckle waiting for the two to lock up, but instead they turned the tables bringing him into the fray. The match was fast, furious, and out of control. At one point Rumble Irish whipped Ortiz into the corner, and as he showboated to the crowd, Ortiz rolled up into a solid handstand from the top rope. When Rumble turned around he delivered a dual boot kick to Rumble's face sending him to the mat hard. Several times during the match Johnny Fabulous interfered extending the match in Rumble's favor. The three men worked their asses off until Rumble gained the advantage with Brown landing outside the ring. Rumble went to work on Ortiz's back, rolled him into a submission winning the match and becoming the new NWANE Champion, but the celebration was short lived as Bull Montana rushed the ring and got come uppance on Johnny Fabulous beating him with his own briefcase ringside. Once the fracas was over, Fabulous and Rumble made it backstage as the show came to an end.

What a night for the NWANE as they crowned a new Champion and paid respect to a man they all loved. I'm sure, tonight, Tony was up there watching with the other wrestling greats and proud of what he saw... They love you Tony Rumble!